How to buy a camcorder with LCD media player?

In the previous chapters of the guide video production we have learned about: What is a viral video ; Three steps to create a viral video , The preparation , recording and technical aspects ; audiovisual Epiphanies anywhere ; Storytelling for audiovisual media ? Tools for writing scripts and in this chapter we will learn to evaluate various points to buy a video camera.

Digital Signage LCD with Integrated Media Player Photo Credit: Sun Group

The transition of technology for video cameras into the digital age allows us to have a wide variety of options at affordable prices. With this revolution, more people can purchase video recording equipment. To choose the ideal camera that meets the 3B’s: Good (basic to good production characteristics), Bonita (according to current market standards) and Barata (if you have a budget between $ 200 – $ 500), I recommend taking into account the following points:
1. HD or Standard: solve the dilemma

The format is one of the main points you should consider. You may be wondering if the latest in High Definition technology, why think in a standard format? Sure HD is where wills the future of the moving image, but the market still finds affordable options, and therefore should not belittle them. In perspective, it is important to understand what the difference is.


The format refers to the size in pixels of each frame; this will give you lower or higher definition image. The standard format refers to an approximate size of 720 x 480 pixels , 30 frames per second, which is the size that uses television and its 4:3 ratio , so that gives it a boxy look .

Meanwhile, the HD (High Definition) has a wide aspect to 1280 x 780 pixels, at a ratio of 16:9. Therefore more resolution, better detail in every picture. This is the format that is currently being used and promises to greatly enhance the experience on video.

2. Recording System: Tape or Tapeless

This is another important factor to take into account in deciding point for your camera. For many years the means to record video was done through video cassettes or tapes in different formats for home video, could find VHS, Hi8, MiniDV, MicroDV and even cameras that record directly to DVD.

Currently, you can find cameras recording medium which is 100 % digital, stored on memory cards or SDCards. The advantage of this technology is that it saves money and space on tapes, estimated life is relatively short (about 5 years). Another factor to consider is that you save time scanning the content of the tape drive for editing. Now, if you choose this technology, should take into account is that you have to consider keeping enough disk space or buy external drives to store your recordings.
3. Audio: so important and usually relegated

The audio occupies 50 % in value of your video material. It is therefore important not to rest on your laurels and let the commendable work the microphone installed already brings the camera, because it’s crap! Even in the semi-professional cameras.

Therefore, you should consider acquiring an additional microphone to record audio, which can be a shotgun or a wired or wireless microphone connected to the camera at the time of recording.

Very important: is to review what kind of microphone input has a camera, which regularly is a mini plug input so you can connect your microphone. Then you must also be sure that the camera has a headphone jack and it’s really important to monitor the audio while recording.
4. Camera functions:

When you review the video camera, I suggest you check with the following functions:

1. White Balance: is the function that lets you calibrate the colors of the image in relation to the type of lighting environment.
White balance
2. Iris is the lens opening light and allows you to manage light to enter the camera so that images are overexposed (too light) or very dark.

3. Zoom: is the ability of the lens mechanism to approach an object in the distance. It is important not to make an analysis based on the known Digital Zoom, because although it seems that has more capacity than the natural zoom the image quality is not reliable because it is a manipulated through the increase of pixels in the image feature.
Is determining the camera brand?

Many times we get carried away by the brand to decide our purchase , but my recommendation indeed we decide for a known brand like Sony , Canon , Panasonic , JVC or Samsung , as these brands guarantee the product you are selling , accessory compatibility and even you should check its compatibility with the video software you are using. I suggest you read expert reviews you can find on the site Cnet and

When I decide which camera you buy, I suggest you add in your budget to purchase an additional battery, a (UV) filter for the lens and a bag to store your equipment. If you decide to buy a tapeless camera, be sure to buy more cards with sufficient memory to store your video.

How to Convert a hard disk to a LCD Media Player?

Although particular on multimedia hard disks we will focus on teams that have been designed from the beginning as players, an interesting option is to convert a hard drive in a media player.

This type of accessories are well known and are an option that is continually gaining adherents , as they are economical solutions that do not limit us , we can bring them forth , and above all, very easy to use . No need to worry more than to save the content on any hard drive or even a USB stick, and voila.

Convert a hard disk media player with one accessory

If you think coolly , take advantage of external hard drives that already have at home or thumb drives that are already good ability (and very handy ) to become our living room multimedia digital hard drives is the best option. If you are looking in the market can find a few products that will serve us well.

Operation could not be easier. Therein lays its potential and success. The device in question we connect to the TV. Then we add the USB port the hard drive you want. No need to be a media drive, it is the accessory that will handle properly read the files and play them.

Advantages of converting a hard disk media player

Any hard drive or memory becomes media player
Easier to carry and move than a traditional disk
Constant updates to support new formats
Easier impossible to increase the capacity of the team
Disadvantages of converting a hard disk media player
Its features are limited

Highest price autonomous solutions.

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player, King

If we have to speak of a computer to convert a hard disk in any media player, Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player has to be first. It is the most famous and valued by users, and also in his own right, as we saw in the analysis we did with him.

With a price of 100-120 Euros, the WD TV HD Media Player known for offering support HDMI output with 1080p video , support for subtitles and MKV container , two USB ports, be very compact and have regular updates to improve its performance.

Indispensable if you already have a good hard drive that you want to take advantage of as a media player.
Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link Multimedia Adaptor, compact and good price

If the price of the model is Western Digital budget we get for 75 Euros we can find another computer on the market with similar characteristics. Speak the Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link Adaptor, identical operation: serves as a member in order to play the content hard or memories that cannot work with files directly drives.

In this model we also have HDMI output but supports only video to 1080i. The ScreenPlay TV Link supports a lot of formats but not the MKV container for HD video.

Its strong point is undoubtedly its compact size and affordable price, but remembers that it will need an external hard drive or USB memory to give functionality.
Freecom Media Player XS

A third interesting option in the market for media adapters for HDDs is the Freecom Media Player XS, with a price of 75 Dollars.

It is the most basic model, no leads and no HDMI port works with HD. It takes a single USB port and only noteworthy is that its weight is only 70 grams.