Holiday Camping Advantages

Now that the holidays arrive for many doubts arise about what to do during this time and what would be the most suitable place to spend the summer. Many opt for the plan every year to go to the family chalet or apartment where full insurance right chords. For those who do not have this option or simply decide a change of scenery, comes the eternal question of where to stay when we travel.
Camping Pods
Photo Credit: Whitehill Country Park
It is true that depending on the type of tourism that we agree to do better to choose a hotel or similar and involves no installation effort and also tend to be in the city center.

However, those with other holiday concept may be considering the option of staying in camping. There are many and each one offers different things. Some are very prepared, with pool, built cabins and all kinds of items catering to those designed for the more adventurous where the guest has to take home everything you need to live.

So let’s dedicate this post to talk about the benefits of camping rule often considering it a bad choice.

First, forget the idea of discomfort. It is not always necessary to take caravan or tent; some include houses and cottages built for the customer to just go with your luggage, if you take nothing else. Also currently most campsites have catering and cafeteria so in the case of not wanting to always cook , you can go out to eat without leaving the site.

Pool site

It is certainly a great choice for family travel. Children will enjoy a well-preserved natural environment and adapted to them, often with pool or near the beach, plus the number of children that usually have, it will not be able to complain of boredom.

It is a very healthy travel concept. Routine leaving the city to go into natural environments, playing all day in the sun and in the countryside is ideal for children, and for parents, a very economical way to enjoy the benefits of family camp.

Also in many campsites are often organized special activities for children on the one hand what keeps them entertained and download some of the other parents , who have to be aware of them at all times , especially if they are smaller .

The economic issue is one of the main advantages of campsites. Maybe that’s why, and especially with the times, more and more people have chosen this option. Varies greatly depending on the site and its facilities, but it is possible to stay overnight from just 7 €, something unthinkable in other vacation options. Moreover, unlike the case with a rental apartment, you may stay for days without having to complete a fortnight or a month.

Part of this saving in the time of meals when we travel to hotels more often is that it only included breakfast , so for lunch and dinner eating out plays . This is where the real cost of travel occurs. Therefore go camping is so cheap. Being able to cook your own food and buy completely changes the travel budget; even putting us in the situation of staying in a hotel was cheaper.

Camping kitchen

Another great advantage of the campsites detriment of hotels is the freedom they offer. An example of this are the hours of entry and exit in a hotel are usually very sharp and strict, the opposite of what happens in a campground where you can check- in and check -out at any time.

Also many campsites, most of them allow in pets, which is extremely comfortable. Thinking what to do with our animal during the holidays is something that brings a lot of trouble , even many people stop traveling so precisely , so for these cases go camping is the best option.

On the other hand, the fact that the location is a plus for both our pets and us we, depending on where you are located most campgrounds offer a wide variety of activities both outside and within the site. From water activities like diving, snorkeling or jet skiing routes in the case of being located near the sea to mountain routes or adventure sports if you are in this area.

No doubt this is an option that offers many varieties whether you’re with family, friends or partner. By choosing the right time probably spend an unforgettable camping and most important holiday at a more than reasonable , able to fit any pocket and several variations to suit your budget maximum price.

Holiday Camping Tips

In this article we will talk about some tips for those wishing to spend their holidays by campsites. If you go for refuge in a tent (or tent) at the time of the purchase of the tent or tent gives much preference to quality and high strength, ease of assembly observed, and the number of people who can hold. Some tents are very well structured as a separate space that you can include bedrooms, and even space for the kitchen.

Below are some helpful tips for camping are as follows:

Let not arise last minute details for the trip are presented;

Avoid areas of natural hazards, consider the possible collapse of stones or earth, and avoid putting your tent (or tent) near waterfalls, lakes, rivers, etc.

Also consider that there are poisonous plants of all kinds, alike beware of bees, ants, grass too large or dense forests;

If you fire, make sure the tents are at least 25 meters from the fire and the wind blows them otherwise, prevents the fire from spreading. Try to turn the flame up to the end or go to bed. If possible wet it with water.

Do not carry a lot of luggage, carrying just the essentials for the winter and summer;

Avoid wearing jewelry, watches, valuables to camp, you can lose;

Do not leave documents, money, and credit cards, just inside or outside the store in your absence; try to keep your belongings close to you or in a place where it can easily be eyeing.

Try to mount your tent (tent) in silence, not because you are outdoors you can scream. Remember that there may be people who are looking for rest; and no adventures and excitement, so do not be bullous;

Do you like to visit faraway places like lakes and waterfalls? Does it in the morning, in the afternoon the weather can change and cause some surprise;

Try to make your outdoor fire pit (never however small the fire is within the Do- tent) to avoid burns vegetation and lead to a huge fire;

No posting or raise trees, stones, caves, rocks, walls or floors. Nobody wants to read “Peter and Mary were here,” boy those things are frowned upon and in some countries even that protect rangers;

Never take anything much less memory serves rocks, stones , trees, animals , birds, plants , remember that you are in a place that surely is a nature reserve ;

Remember that other people besides you visit that site, so leave everything clean and organized at the time of your departure;

Avoid taking your pet to the site, which may disturb others;

Bring bags where you can put your own trash , do not throw plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags, fruit peels , cigarette paper , or other trash ;

Do not drink water from waterfalls, rivers, lakes, seas or streams, you do not know the origin of them and if they are infected with a parasite or micro – organisms that can harm you.

Avoid taking by mouth or unknown plants can be poisonous. Also consider that children do not.

Do not leave food scraps out of the tent (tent) that can attract some animals for food.

Do not wear perfumes or strong smelling oils that insects will be attracted, instead, use insect repellent to avoid unpleasant injuries resulting from insect bites.

Try to set up your tent (tent) while daylight hours become much more difficult.

Do not stray too far from where you are camping groups, in addition to losing you, may not help in case of an emergency or need.

Do not go for self to a place you do not know much, if you want to hire a local guide;

Do not play sports without on-site supervision of a technical or specialized camping around employee.