How to Avoid Biggest Jewelry Buying Mistakes

When it comes to committing mistakes when buying jewelry, you should expect women to commit the, men are usually the ones good at that.

If you are looking to do any specialized traveling, or to travel to find the right jewelry then make certain you pay attention. To make your travels a positive, instead of a downer you should be aware of these things. Men are always looking for gifts that are safe to give; those that do not require much brain use. Men give flowers and chocolate, hoping against hope that the women in their lives will see the romance rather than the laziness to think and fins something more impressive.

As much as possible men simply try to avoid buying jewelry for their women. Their main concern is not choosing the best piece or committing the mistake of selecting the wrong stone. The funny thing here is, most jewelers are men, and these men know from their hearts what women want.

Here are the Biggest Jewelry Buying Mistakes that can be committed by Men

1.     Too shy to ask for help

Men simply shy away from asking for help. That is why more men often get lost than women, because they wouldn’t even ask for directions. Men are supposed to lead and they supposed to know everything. Sadly though, not when it comes to jewelry selection, which is why asking for help is essential. Men can either ask their women directly about what they want or they can snoop around and see what the women lack in their jewelry boxes. Once at the store, men shouldn’t be shy about asking for assistance especially from women store clerks.

narrow sterling silver and 14k rose gold wedding bandPhoto Credit: Chuck Domitrovich

2.     Lack of Jewelry Education

Buying jewelry for the woman in your life can be daunting especially if you have no idea what to look for.  It is therefore better of you can educate yourself a little about the 4Cs, the different stones, various metals, different settings and other things and factors about jewelry.

3.     Avoiding to pre-shop

There is nothing wrong to go to stores and look around. Once inside the store, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy anything. If you already know the type of jewelry your women like, then you can shop around first before settling down to one store. That is the beauty of pre-shopping.

4.     Not knowing the right jewelry retailer

Men should know that buying from retailers that buy their stocks in volume. This means going for the big guys rather than exclusive jewelers. If you buy from a highly commercial jewelry stores, you get the chance to avail of highly affordable pieces.

5.     Avoiding expensive pieces

The common reasons why men avoid buying jewelry for their women is the thought that they need a whole lot of cash to be able to do that. The truth is, you do not have to settle for the expensive pieces if you know where to find affordable one and if you know that semi-precious and precious stones are almost similar. These are the kind of things I found out when looking for a wedding band St George. And yes traveling to find the perfect one like I did in St George was infinitely worth it.

Finally, you may not know what kind of jewelry to give your woman, but you should understand that you can actually never go wrong with them. Women love jewelry and even if you present the most oddly designed piece, your woman would still appreciate it, just as she would appreciate flowers or chocolates.