Importance of Travel To Us

The experience and knowledge of a person are formed through the small and large events that have shaped his life. A life rich in experiences gives the person of learning and resources to cope with everyday situations with increased responsiveness and resolution. This process influences, of course, the learning capacity of each, but if we consider a common level with learning ability, the big difference between people and others, is determined by the experience they’ve had. That’s what we learned on a recent ATV tour in St George, that you must get out to experience life more fully, and to let go sometimes. (click here for information on ATV tours near St George).

Photo Credit: Bader Kamal

One of the most enriching experiences undoubtedly is traveling.

When not traveling, our world is the immediate environment…otherwise, it is assumed. Depending on the self-interest and personal characteristics, we will be able to know much or little geography, to respect or not the differences, to understand better or worse policy or assessing distant events more or less indifferent.

All this changes when we know another region, another country, another continent. On each trip, the staff worldwide, is enlarged and becomes richer.

There is no better way to learn geography traveling, the ground you walk on what you place on the map accurately. The hour transfer by road, navigation or flight do you perceive the dimension of distance, remoteness, how big the world is. Other landscapes are seen, with higher or more distant than our mountains, plains, beaches, deserts, jungles… seas are drying, the formation of new land, islands sinking. Everything you learn in books becomes real and is alive when we visited.

Elsewhere we hear different sounds and feel other temperatures. The intense sound of a waterfall or the silence of a snowfall, are unforgettable. It is also exciting to see different animals in our daily environment. A toucan in the rainforest, an albatross or a condor in the sky, a turtle laying eggs on a beach, a crocodile in a river swimming quietly, seals or sea lions lying in the sun on the rocks… When you see the fragility of nature, we are extremely concerned about environmental degradation. From there, the environmental performance is an assumed habit is out of respect and affection for the planet. Those not meeting these standards have no right to spoil what is and will be for all.

All learned when we travel, but the most important experience is perhaps the contact with people who belong to a different culture to ours. When someone who does not know you, you look different in physical features, in the form of dress and act, gives you a smile, a nice gesture and all your hospitality, it is the best lesson of tolerance that can be received. When visiting a country and its people make you feel good, will forever remain a feeling of gratitude. If you come across an immigrant from that country in your environment, you look with sympathetic eyes and try to help or give back the good treatment they received in their home.
The best way to remove “blindfolds” to break open prejudices and mindsets is traveling. Check that the various religions learn that all in deep seek the same, there is no better than another, they are skills that are only acquired by living it, feeling it.

Very importantly also consider social differences. There are rich countries, poor countries and poor countries. If you know a country and study its history, the reasons are clear political and social situation. Normally rich countries were colonizers and poor countries have been colonized. In one way or another, this is the general rule governing the world, the law of the strongest. If this is understood, the unfair idea that the poor are poor because they do not deserve anything and that the rich live well because they make him known is eliminated. It’s about inequality, opportunity, favorable or unfavorable situations, not merit.

Once a country is known, and it is not indifferent to what happens to him. A fire, an earthquake, a tsunami, a disaster of any kind, affects differently if it happens in a country you know. Remember the people you met there, remember the landscape and know how is it now suffers. Participate in that suffering because I know. We do not care, or we care less unknown.

Each country gives you something different, a surprise you with its nature or the culture of its people, others allow you to learn the art, history, ruins… many countries it all together, or are especially vital in them and learn the simple joys, rating music, dance, enjoy live… All you “bring” a trip, all experienced account as part of your existence.

The great traveler, traveling to meet and learn, enjoys that entire visit. No matter if it’s pretty or ugly, rich or poor, because what counts is how it is. Each wide trip personal baggage, the world itself becomes larger, the beautiful experiences accompany you forever and all that helps you is happier. They are very important reasons that cause us to take a trip to that enjoyed both knowing the world.

I have not traveled much, or rather, not enough to keep a journal of travel, such as demanded by the young students of the country. But I was in disparate places percatándome the importance of travel, to get out of an everyday environment to move to a different, unusual, and new to our senses. Now, in my thirties, I am fulfilling one of my dreams most missed: Tourism.

The Pacha Mama is so extraordinarily diverse, so incredibly diverse that despite the speed at which they run transport can never in a life that last all corners of the earth. Although we have the spirit of a fearless explorer, craving an avid traveler or a botanical researcher concern, we are always missing something. But that’s the point. Because each place visited win a piece of the world, a special feeling, lasting beyond material experience and, in the end, we’ll take to the grave as a priceless treasure.

Everyone has a sleeping in the depths of the soul traveler. For a traveler that wakes soon while others never opens his eyes. Some people, once deployed wings, never stop flying or, on the contrary, never knew they had wings on his back.

Nevertheless, there are many types of travelers. Although the catalog at “backpackers” ( term used in Latin America for which introduce land squarely on visiting , sleeping in cheap hotels or in tents , traveling on foot or by means of locomotion economic – buses , trains, rented bikes , etc – . ) and ” caged ” ( proper term referring to those who travel through travel agencies) . The difference lies in the ways and the resources.

The first is interspersed with natural, drinking from the local culture; traveling and living impromptu continuous reaching unexpected become true epics. The backpacker traveling in an austere, backpacking, avoiding spending money on unnecessary luxuries. For this reason, choose hostels dorms, eating in cheap restaurants – or cooks himself – and obviate go shopping in any mall.

The cage is quite the opposite. He will spend a bundle on an agency that will give you the opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel with all expenses paid, with organized tours and idyllic pools. However, you cannot leave the boundaries of the site, held in a “golden cage”. So, this traveler Charms country will be lost, not fully know the culture and, if underdeveloped places, never be sensitized to the problems of the planet. – Wikipedia

However, there is middle ground between these two parameters: the student of Erasmus, the adventurous hiker, the nomad of the highways with their caravan, the art lover – visit monuments or, currently, opportunistic, etc.
Here you have some of my photos and my friends (especially Jorge Salcedo and Marta … that I love a lot.